Tuesday, July 08, 2014

June 2014

June did not have as many high picture events, but we still have a very full month of adventures.

First up, Mr. Dallin boy turned 11. 11!!!! I was filled with love, amazement and a touch of sadness about my oldest growing up too fast.

Here is my gushy Facebook post that day reflecting on motherhood:
Spent the day loving on my sweet birthday boy. My oldest son Dallin is 11! Also, much self reflection on being a mom these past 11 years. Wow, what a ride it has been. I can't imagine how boring my life would be without my little people. They sure do make life good. I love being a mom, it is all I ever wanted, and I have been so blessed by each sweet child that has come into my open arms. The longer I am a mom, the more I am able to put aside the things that are less important and enjoy life as it is. I see my life in bright vivid color, just dripping with texture and purpose. Hardest, but best job ever! Peter and I have been trying to come up with future goals, but have had a hard time because we are right where we would like to be forever. Even with all its imperfections, I really think life is just right. Sure I could tell you all of the negatives that happen in reality, but for this moment, I feel totally encompassed with gratitude for this wonder we call mortality.

Dallin really likes Minecraft so we had a family party with lots of minecraft inspired food.

Creeper cake.

For the game, I printed off a whole ton of mining cards like in the game and made a crafting table.  We hid them all over the yard easter egg style and the kids ran and collected or "mined" as much as they could.  The kids had to follow "recipes" to make and get certain prizes.  There were about a million minecraft stickers, notebooks, papercrafts, pictures, card games, pretend gold, ore, diamond, pick axes, swords, etc.  This picture just shows what was left of the prize store at the end.  I made most all the prizes from pritables found on Pinterest.  I can't believe I didn't get a picture of all the loot, it was a lot!  If this whole paragraph made no sense to you, that's okay, I know more about Minecraft than I care to now.

The game was a huge it with the kids! I think it was one of the most fun birthday games we have played.  The excitement level was about as high as could be.

Peter got to do a job for some friends who's little boy is good friends with Carter so Peter took him along and they played the whole time.  You know, boy stuff.
Dallin chose Benihana for his birthday dinner. Thanks buddy, good choice!  It was delicious.
Dallin got a metal detector and a bunch of stuff for his boy scouting years coming up.  This was a digging set just for fun with a bunch of gems inside.
Peter ran the Intel 10k with his brothers. Luke won first place for his age group!
Dallin had a little birthday bowling outing with a couple of friends.  It was fun being the observer with these silly guys. 

We went on a big group date with Larry D, Andy, Larry, Lucy, and Dwight on the boat to the restaurant.  I love going on dates, especially really grown up ones.
Logan/Daddy time.  Too precious!

First day hot enough to play in the water outside.  Eden and Luke have such a special relationship.  She mothers him and he loves the attention.  I often see him on her back.

Oh, Luke took a toy car to the face, hence the black eye.  He also fell and bruised his back on a skateboard and fell on the cement at the pool and got a huge goose egg on his forehead all around the same time.  He was looking pretty beat up.

Dallin was very proud of this watercolor and had me text a picture to Grandma Arave for him. It is very sweet that he feels connectected to her through art.
First time out on the boat this summer with the kids.  The had a blast fishing and swimming.

Grandpa is such a fun water playing guy.
The closet project coming along. This isn't the finished product, but I do want to show off Peter's mad shelf making skills. He totally rebuilt the existing closet and made those nice deep shelves for more storage inside there. Imagine a cute rug, scarf rod, jewelry display along the wall, a tufted ottoman and huge framed mirror and tada!  Getting dressed is pretty fun these days. So this is one side of the room.  The other side is a sewing/project area and there is a large dormer area with Logan's crib.  Feeling pretty dang spoiled. 
I ran to Target to run an errand one day with just Luke so we had a little snack bar date.  I really love one on one time with my kids.  It makes me soak up their cuteness all the more. 
Larry D. organized a drive in movie night and it was so fun.  Perhaps the best part of going is just hanging out in the front field playing with friends and cousins for a couple of hours before hand.   I brought some yarn, fruit loops, pretzels and chocolate covered pretzels for the kids to make necklaces to snack on during the movie.  I will for sure make this a drive in tradition forever more. Lori brought a bunch of food to share and we visited and played games as well.  I brought a hot potato game and the kids laughed so hard.   We watched How to Train Your Dragon 2.  This is the first time I can remember going and being able to watch the whole movie without retreating to the car with tired babies/toddlers.  I had a wiggly guy on my lap, but still, I saw the whole show.

The next morning was Father's day AND Tanner's birthday.  With so much going on, Peter didn't get a proper breakfast in bed.  We made s'mores in the oven the night before to take to the drive in and then forgot them, so that was what the kids gave Peter for his breakfast! Uh, yum! And apparently a Starburst as well.
We had a Pokemon dinner party for Tanner at Grandma and Grandpas.  For an activity, I pulled out a whole bunch of dollar store play doh, googly eyes and pipe cleaners and told the kids to make their own Pokemon pets.  I don't really get Pokemon, but they seemed to know what to do. It was simple (much simpler than the Minecraft game!) but a hit nonetheless.

The Pokemon ball cake.  I don't really know what it is, but Tanner thought it was great. I put some trick candles on the cake for him and had fun blowing them out again and again.

The older 3 kids started swim team, and these younger 3 started swim lessons.  This is Luke's first year and oh my, he was so excited to be a big boy and get in the pool instead of watching. 
He got right to the blowing bubbles.
These guys love it too.
For Tanner's birthday dinner we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory and used our free meal coupons that we got for running the Starlight run.  We got to eat in the train and we sang to him when he got his ice cream. 
More swim lessons.

We implented a pretty fun reading program at our house so the kids have been reading like crazy (finally!).  Tanner can't keep his nose out of Pokemon comics. 
This is our version of an "I'm bored" jar.  There are lots of ideas and a few chores that they get to grab if they get a little whiney about what to do.  I spent the first couple weeks of summer break explaining that it is not mom's job to entertain them all the time.   They have since barely needed to consult the jar.
Eden loves these books and we scored 4 new ones at Goodwill one day.
We went to visit my sister so that Peter could help with some electrical as they are getting their house ready to sell.  Low and behold when she opened the door, we were twins!  Our shoes were even the same color! Gotta love sisters.
The kids played with their cousins at the school behind their house.
Then they settled in for a movie.  I thought this was so cute that Carter was sitting on Nic's lap.  They stayed that way for most of the movie. Oh, the cousin love!
Our friend invited us to go swimming one day so we did...for 3 hours!  It was so fun. The kids are becoming great little swimmers and are quite confident in the water.  Baby Logan loved it too. His chubby little feet got so wrinkly!
He is just such a happy baby.  When he smiles he sticks his tongue.  I didn't quite capture it, but he usually sticks it out to one side and curls it upward. It is so cute I could just die and go to heaven.  He really is a perfect little baby.  The sweetest disposition.  It reminds me a bit of how Tanner was as a baby.

Dallin's first Boy Scout court of honor.  He received his first badge as well.
Trying out this fiber mascara I keep hearing about.  I have extremely short lashes so I need all the help I can get.  Left is my regular mascara and right is the new one.  Pretty impressive.  It has its drawbacks too, but overall I like it. Hello eyes, does it look like I can see you through your screen?
I love being in Young Women's. Well, that's the understatement of the year. Anyway,  I had Logan with me one night and they were all over him.  They even had their phone cameras taking pictures and videos with him.  It was fun to watch.
We had a raingutter regatta picnic with the Cub Scouts.  Tanner is such a fun loving, silly scout. 
Peter and Dallin went white water rafting with Peter's family and had a great time.  Dallin has the Dickinson adventure gene for sure.  They didn't get any pictures, but I took this when they got home.  This doesn't really show how tired and run down looking they were.  Dallin's eyes were so bloodshot and he passed out within a minute of taking this.  It was a good day for this father and son.
Peter and I took Tanner on a date to a yummy italian restaurant. Turning 8 is a special age so we ate yummy food and got to talk about a very special secret (where babies come from).  I really enjoy doing this with each of our kids because they are too young to be embarrased and we can incorporate our values before they hear it from anyone else.  It starts an ongoing flow of communication and openness that has been a blessing in our family so far.  Tanner got Pizzaghetti which we couldn't stop stealing bites from.
Dallin, Eden and Tanner had their first swim meet of the year.  Dallin did swim team last year, but this is a whole new experience for the other two.  They did great and swam their best.  I was proud of them.
Eden was nervous about joining the team, but once she started, she gained confidence quickly.
Dallin ended up with a second place ribbon for one of the events!
I was on the fence about whether or not Tanner needed one more summer of lessons or not, but putting him on the team has been awesome.  The kids improve so quickly since they swim an hour every day.  Within the first few days, he was doing just fine!

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